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NCOALink®18Month with DPV

Millions of Americans change their address every year. The NCOALink® 18 month matches mailing addresses to the last 18 months of change of address information available for individuals, businesses and families. This database is updated weekly.

The NCOALink® allows you to srub your current mailing list and updated your cusotmers mailing addresses. By srubing your lists regularly you lower your cost of mailing by reducing undeliverable mail in turn incereasing your marketing ROI.

USPS® News ?

Move Update Requirement for All Standard Mail

For Standard Mail mailers, the new Move Update standard does not mean that you begin an updating process on November. 23, 2008, but rather, starting November 23, 2008 mailers must begin using addresses that were updated within the previous 95 days. For example, a mailing entered on December 1, 2008 must bear addresses that were updated no earlier than August 28, 2008.
Authorized methods for Standard Mail to qualify for the Move Update standards include: NCOALink®


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ROI-Return On Investment
NCOA-National Change of Address database. Provides forwarding address. DPV-Delivery Point Validation. Validates the accuracy of the delivery address